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Scale-able to multiple locations, regionally,  or country-level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help with Online and Offline Marketing

    Marketing Across all Media

    We help you tell  your story, both with online materials that increasingly important and used to reach via social media, and with signage and collaterals used in sales materials. 

    We will also discuss with you how Liberty's branding strategy can be integrated into your existing marketing channels and how we can develop  a transparent plan to enhance your efforts across all media.   A serious ECE program is a must so we will help you to tell your story with the aim of enabling your school to sustain premium pricing in your market. 

  • Teacher Training

    Implement International Preschool Curriculum

    Included with the licensing is teacher training, to benefit those teachers with little or no early childhood education.  The aim of the training is to provide guidance with implementation of the curriculum.   

    For teachers with little or no Early Childhood training we will assist with detailing the learning objectives and milestones.

  • Do we really need a business plan?

    The short and long answer is: YES.  A business without a business plan is like a ship without a rudder, no direction. 

    • Target market and pricing, is it all in sync? 
    • What is the market's perception of our educational product? 
    • Is my school in sync with the same category of schools in my area?
    • What improvements can the school make to charge higher fees?
    • Are we monitoring our competitors closely enough? 
    • What is my school's reputation for quality? 

    The list is endless but sometimes those closest to the frontline have a hard time seeing the answers. Thus, consider Liberty Education's Consulting Services. 

  • Upgrade Facilities; Classrooms and Play Spaces

    We can help you to design and deploy content-rich learning spaces that will elevate your  school and classrooms to best-in-class for education.  

    Our consultants also have experience creating attractive, safe, and fun play spaces that will enhance the look and feel of your school or organization.  Please ask for more details should you see the need to develop your physical plant with modern equipment and design. 

  • What is the role of the Head Consultant?

    The Head Consultant will evaluate your teaching and learning needs and suggest a course of action for developing an early childhood education(ECE) program you can be proud of, one that parents and guardians will insist upon. 

  • How do I communicate with the consultant?

    The first step is to fill out the online form and explain in general terms your interests and needs together with a short description of your local market.  If you have an existing ECE program then explain where you are in that journey. 

    A consultant with be in touch with you based on your needs and questions you may have. 

The Start

Starting a school is an ambitious endeavor but worth the efforts and rewards that come from working with teachers, students, and families in your community.  We can help with the business plan, build out of the physical environment, and selecting appropriate teaching materials for your public. 

Teacher Training

Teacher training is an integral part to success in delivering best-in-class education to students and their families. Not only is the curriculum's structure important but an overview of Early Childhood expectations and practices is included in training sessions. 

School & Classroom Design

Learning environments are very important, from the selection of appropriate colors to the how the classroom is fit out with learning aids.  We have years of experience creating learning spaces that inspire and relax. 

School Information System

A well-run School Information System is necessary when a population is over 100 students. From calculating grades, attendance, to financials, it all runs better with a SIS. 

Create Your Brand

We can help participating schools to develop a brand that is relevant to the needs of  your students and their families. Our international outlook is one that is based on knowledgeable marketing and sales methods and developing a management philosophy that is admired and sought after. 

Individual Support

Liberty Education is here to support licensees with their curriculum and we can also assist with the many technical aspects of running a successful educational institution such as class room design, teacher training, and setting up and administering a SIS. 



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