Available courses

Nursery English - Pre-literacy

Learning Outcomes:
  • Alphabet: Exposure to alphabet: letter names and sounds.
  • Name: Recognize, spell, write first name.
  • Writing: Learn to hold pencil, marker, crayon correctly. Develop writing muscles, hand eye coordination.
  • Book handling:  Able to handle print material, knowing up and down.
  • Rhyme and stories: Recite simple nursery rhymes and finger play.
  • Vocabulary: Build new vocabulary.
  • Listening skills: develop and improve focus and concentration.
  • Sequencing: understand simple sequences.
  • Fine motor: Develop fine motor skills: play dough, scissors, writing utensils, Legos, etc.
  • Routines: Develop study and school routines.
  • Develop trust and confidence.

Beginning Mathematics for Nursery Education