Early Learning Goals:

  • Phonics including alphabet, letter sounds, writing letters. 
  • Name: Recognize, spell, write first name.
  • Writing skills for compositions. Building writing confidence. 
  • Vocabulary: Build letter specific new vocabulary; conversational English. 
  • Routines: Develop study, school routines, path to literacy. 
  • Develop problem-solving and life skills in the real world. 


Learning Goals:

  • Introduction to numbers and number words; spelling of number words. 
  • Vocabulary: Build new vocabulary, learning to count songs. 
  • Count to and add items to a group. Sort by color, shape, size, etc. 
  • Geometry and basic shapes; logic of numbers and shapes. 
  • Analyzing data: sort objects by color, size, shape. Record observations on graphs/charts. 
  • Routines: Develop study and school routines.
  • Develop trust, confidence and develop social skills.