About Us

Liberty Education's Development Team

  • Howard Campbell

    Project Management: Production, Analog to Digital, Server Management, Content

  • LMS Deployment; Oversight of eLearning Roll-out for Teachers'  Guides and Mixed Media
  • Experience in education programs: Afghanistan, Cambodia


    Bachelor of Arts, University of Southern California

    Master of Public Health,  University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Lovee Mae Diogenes

    Curriculum Development - Team Leader

    International School Director

    BSE in Civil Engineering

Maria Eloisa A. Abujen Curriculum Development - Mathematics/Activities B.ED.  7 years
Dorothy Joy F. Adorable Curriculum Development- Phonics / 2nd Language Acquisition B.ED 8 years
Ellaine Joy C. Calding Curriculum Development- Special Education / Phonics B. ED 5 years
 Elizabeth Martin Curriculum Oversight M.ED 25 years
Stephane Dartoux Art Director / Design   B Design  25 years
Joe Draker Art Director / Design  B Design 25 years
Jensen Chhoun Graphic Design / Translations / Branding    
Serhii G Linux Admin / SIS Server Management  CSE 20 years