International Preschool Curriculum


Organized, tested, teacher-friendly preschool curriculum. 

  • Essential Foundation Skills
  • Literacy & Language Arts
  • Early Mathematics
  • Early Science
  • Content-based Instruction

Quality Starts with a structured, international curriculum.

Structured yet flexible; appropriate for all methodologies

Organized, tested, and revised over a 6-year period. Complete with learning objectives and assessment criteria. "Scripted" in the sense that it can be easily implemented by teachers that do not have an educational background that provides a foundation in child development or early childhood pedagogy. 

International in Scope & Learning Objectives

Early Science

The World Around Us

Language Arts

Communications & Curiosity

Early Mathematics

Number Concepts, Time, Money

Nursery Education

Early Skills Building

Understand, Apply, Create

Age-appropriate learning goals

Liberty Education's ECE curriculum is child-centric and holistic and  contains interesting and relevant content across subject areas to stimulate curiosity and a desire to learn. There is also an intense focus on language development through meaningful interactions among children and between children and their teachers.

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