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Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Graphic designer for children's books and marketing materials. Experience with the Adobe family of applications. 


Edit and improve up the portfolio of ECE children's books created by Liberty Education. Responsible for a hands-on approach to offline and online marketing materials, both client-centric and for Liberty Education. 

  • Edit and improve upon Libert Education's portfolio of educational materials
  • Create / manage marketing materials, online and offline

Sales & Marketing - Asia and Worldwide

Sales and Marketing for Liberty Education's portfolio of curricula, art curriculum, and learning aids. 


Experience with enterprise levels sales, developing new channels, and identifying new markets for Liberty Education's portfolio of educational products. 


Manage existing sales channels and develop new markets in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  

Responsible for creating effective marketing campaigns that penetrate previously unexplored or under represented new markets.  Particular attention should be paid the fasted growing economies in Africa and Asia. 

Arts & Crafts & Music / Product Development

Art curriculum product development, both preschool and primary levels. Responsible for packaging products to match the curriculum based on content and preferences of the client. Some sourcing experience would be helpful. 


Art curriculum development background a plus. Favor candidates with teaching experience and arts & crafts experience with children.  


Art curriculum development. Client and account management for art & crafts sales and stock maintenance. Some sourcing experience would be helpful. 

Create, edit, publish instructional videos for Liberty Education's various curricula and elearning platform.  Subtitle or VO in various languages as needed. 

Create, edit, publish marketing videos showcasing Liberty Education's portfolio of educational products. 


Experience with the Adobe suite of applications or Davinci Resolve. 

Experience creating, editing, publishing instructional videos for distribution across various media.  Preference given to those with production experience for elearning platforms. 


Deliver exceptional video content of teacher training sessions; create and deliver best in class video marketing materials. 

Web, Youtube, private channel video distribution. 

Curriculum Development Specialist

Assist in the ongoing development of our International Preschool Curriculum and ancillary supporting materials such as arts, music, and STEAM-based framework.
Preference given to those with credentials in education and experience in early childhood education including curriculum development/product development in the education space.

Preferred requisite skills and experience:

Credentials in ECE and Product Development

Fluency in English

    • Experience in teacher training and professional development
    • Good work ethic and a desire to deliver superior results in an on-time environment
    • Able to mentor staff and have ideals and ethics that inspire those around you
    • Digital Skills

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