Making Math Fun: How Liberty Education's Preschool Curriculum Engages Young Minds

At Liberty Education, we understand the pivotal role of early mathematics education in shaping the minds of our young learners. We've crafted our international preschool curriculum with a multi-faceted approach that makes math an engaging, hands-on, and contextually rich experience for children.

Making Math Fun 04

Our curriculum first immerses children in concrete experiences, allowing them to grasp mathematical concepts tangibly. Children are encouraged to use a variety of objects like blocks or counters to understand the essence of quantity, counting, and basic operations. This kinesthetic interaction sets the foundation for their mathematical journey.

Developing an Understanding of Mathematical Concepts

As the next step, we incorporate the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, encouraging a gradual transition from physical interaction to abstract thinking. Children begin to replace physical objects with pictures or drawings and finally, to using numbers and symbols without the need for concrete references. This sequential approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts.

The Power of Play and Learning Mathematics

In our curriculum, the joy of play becomes a powerful learning tool. We infuse math into various play activities that your children will love! Games, puzzles, and everyday experiences become the medium through which your children explore shapes, problem-solving, and counting.

Our curriculum champions hands-on activities, promoting mathematical thinking and problem-solving. Children explore shapes, patterns, and spatial relationships, learn to measure, and classify objects, all while engaging in enjoyable activities.

Mathematical Vocabulary

We firmly believe in the power of language. That's why our curriculum introduces children to mathematical vocabulary during daily interactions and play. From terms like 'more', 'less', 'bigger', 'smaller', to 'longer', 'shorter', and beyond, we ensure your children become comfortable with these terms, using them to describe and compare objects or quantities.

We introduce number recognition and counting gradually, starting with rote counting, moving on to counting objects and recognizing numerals. Diverse materials like number tiles, toys, and pictures make these activities engaging and meaningful.

Our curriculum is also rich with mathematical songs and rhymes, fun ways for children to understand numerical concepts, patterns, and sequencing. These melodies reinforce counting skills and introduce mathematical vocabulary in a fun-filled manner.

Mathematics and Real-life Situations

Connecting math to real-life situations is a cornerstone of our approach. Your children will learn to associate math with cooking, baking, measuring ingredients, or counting everyday objects. We discuss concepts like time, money, shapes, and measurements within relatable contexts.

Finally, Liberty Education believes in fostering a positive and supportive environment where children feel encouraged to explore and engage with math. We celebrate their efforts and provide room for them to make mistakes and learn.