International Preschool Curriculum

International Preschool Curriculum

Liberty Education's international preschool curriculum is modern and straightforward and provides four (4) levels of textbooks that will give structure and international learning objectives as preparation for success in primary school and beyond.  The curriculum is  popular with teachers as it is easy to implement, even for those without early childhood experience or training.  The curriculum integrates seamlessly with other methodologies such as play-based instruction or any one of many approaches such as Montessori or Waldorf.  

The flexible and easy-to-implement international preschool curriculum has been under development and revision since 2011.  The curriculum's framework follows  the California Preschool Learning Foundations, Volumes 1 and 2 and it has adapted well to international schools where English is not the first language. The content is engaging and international in outlook. 

Core Domains Include Language Arts & Mathematics

A successful curriculum encourages students to learn for themselves so the content is engaging, interesting, and international in outlook. The day-to-day teaching objectives focus on the core domains of language arts and beginning mathematics.  The learning objectives are structured so that teachers, even if more than one level is addressed in the classroom, can follow the structure while individualizing the needs of the child or classroom.  

Teacher-friendly, Easy to Implement

The Liberty Education International Preschool Curriculum can be implemented to address the foundational academic subjects as well as the child's language, cognitive, social and physical development. It has been tested and revised in multiple classroom settings, is easily implemented by teachers and provides a structured, yet flexible educational approach for all preschool children. 


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